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If you have a repair please use the form attached within the repairs page. You will also be able to check our repairs guide in this section to see if the repair you need is our responsibility.

To report an emergency, please contact us by phone on 01206 282525. Outside of normal working hours call 01206 769779.

Antisocial Behaviour

We are dedicated to helping the local community to have the right quality of life, and are serious about tackling antisocial behaviour.

If you have any problems with neighbours, domestic abuse or even squatters, then you can find the best contact in our antisocial behaviour page.

Complaints and Compliments

We need you to help us get it right! You can pass on all your complaints and compliments to us within this page and also find the details to do this online, by email, telephone and by post.

Moving Out

You must notify us if you wish to end your tenancy. There are points and procedures to follow in doing so and you can find a step-by-step guide of what to do in our moving out section.

Communal Cleaning

To check whether your accommodation qualifies for cleaning services and to view the cleaning schedule of properties, then visit our communal cleaning page.

Housing Fraud

Housing fraud can be a criminal offence, and one that we take seriously. There are different types of housing fraud and you can find out about each of these in our dedicated pages and how to report it.


We have a responsibility to ensure that the needs and interests of children and vulnerable adults are considered by us.

For details of what is classified as neglect, abuse and how you can act, then visit our safeguarding page.

Surveys and Consultations

We like to run services about our business in order to improve it and regularly consult with customers about any changes we make.

To find out how to get involved as a member and become part of our important panel, visit our surveys and consultations section.