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Moving home

There are several different ways of moving home.

Apply for a transfer
If you want to move from one council or housing association home to another you can apply for a transfer. Your application will be treated in exactly the same way as any other application for housing. See our applying for a council home page for more details.

Mutual exchange 

A mutual exchange is where you swap your home with another council or housing association tenant. You can exchange your home with someone who lives in a property owned by a different landlord - this might be another council or housing association. See our mutual exchange page for more details.

Incentives to move to a smaller home

We operate a Transfer Incentive Scheme to encourage people to move from family sized homes to smaller ones. This frees up larger homes for those who need them. You could get between £500 and £750 for each bedroom you give up under this scheme. For more details see our transfer incentive scheme page.

Moving out

If you want to let us know you are leaving visit our moving out page.