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Gas servicing and repairs

Mears logo

Mears has been providing our gas servicing and repairs since October 2010. Mears is dedicated to providing an excellent quality service for residents and operate from their offices in Dedham. On-site services are also available to ensure residents are fully informed about any planned work. Appointments are available between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday, and Saturday mornings between 8am and 1pm. 

How to get in touch

You should contact CBH Customer Services on 01206 282514, selecting Gas option for any gas servicing or central heating queries. You will be given an option to be put through to Mears. If you need an emergency repair and it is outside office hours, you should still contact this number. You will be given an option to be put through to our emergency out-of-hours centre.

How to recognise Morrison staff

Mears' distinctive logo will be a familiar sight to residents and it will be clearly visible on vans, uniforms, letters, calling cards and ID badges. All Mears staff will be wearing a uniform of a red polo shirt or sweatshirt and black trousers, all with the Mears logo clearly visible. Every Mears employee entering a resident's home will also be wearing a Mears ID badge containing the following information:

  • Card ID number 
  • The name of the person
  • A photo of the person
  • Start date and expiry date
  • Confirmation that the person with the ID badge has been approved by Mears and is eligible to work in your home
  • A phone number to call if you have concerns 

You should never let anyone into your home if they do not have a valid Mears ID badge. If you are in any doubt you should call the number on the reverse of the badge to ensure the caller is a Mears employee.