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Antisocial behaviour

We are committed to tackling antisocial behaviour - you have the right to a decent quality of life in your local community.

If you have any problems with neighbours, please just follow this simple checklist:

  • Tell us and the Police immediately if you have been assaulted, threatened or have been the victim of a hate crime or domestic abuse.
  • In other cases, to begin with, talk to your neighbour and see if the problem can be sorted out between you.
  • If you would like us to try to help, please contact the Community Safety Team on 01206 507341 and we will contact you and agree an action plan. Alternatively you can use our online form.
  • We may refer you to a free and confidential service that provides trained 'mediators' who are independent and will not take sides.


If you believe squatters are occupying a council property then please contact us by:

  • Calling our front line team on 01206 282514.
  • Emailing the information to us at, providing brief details including the address of the property you believe is affected, along with your name and a convenient contact number.

For more advice, contact our Community Safety Team on 01206 507341. You can also view our pdf icon Anti-social behaviour policy [392kb] and pdf icon Antisocial behaviour charter [661kb]