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When you cannot buy your home

You cannot buy your home if:

  • You or your visitors behave antisocially
  • You are bankrupt
  • You have a pending bankruptcy petition against you
  • You have an arrangement with creditors (people who you owe money to) and still owe them money
  • We have served a Notice Seeking Possession against you (this document is the first stage in the process of taking legal action against a tenant)

Suspended Possession Orders

If you have been served a Suspended Possession Order during your tenancy, you could still buy your home.

A Suspended Possession Order is something a judge grants. It is often done when a tenant owes us rent. In that case, the Order allows you to remain in your home - providing you keep to an agreement to pay back what you owe. If you break the terms, we can evict you without having to go court.

Types Of Properties You Cannot Buy

  • sheltered accommodation
  • accommodation especially for older people, for example, some bungalows
  • a property which has been specially adapted for disabled use
  • a home linked with your employment
  • any property on school grounds

If Your Home Is Due To Be Demolished

This can affect your right to buy your home.

If you have been served an Initial Demolition Notice, this suspends your right to buy your home for 5 years from the date of the notice. An Initial Demolition Notice is given when a council wants to demolish a home but has not set a date when it will take place.

If you have been served a Final Demolition Notice, which usually happens once a date for demolition has been set, this ends your right to buy your home.